We Understand The Costly Nature Of Construction Defects

Every good investment is founded on solid information and trust that the people you work with will do a good job. In residential and commercial real estate, this means you need a clear and comprehensive view of the condition of the building or land you invest in, as well as the confidence that contractors or subcontractors are providing top-quality services.

Our goal is always to uncover the truth behind a construction defect case and find a solution that not only resolves the conflict, but also does so favorably, putting our clients first.

At Tatro & Lopez, LLP, our California attorneys provide skillful guidance and advocacy in construction defect litigation to clients throughout Del Mar, Carmel Valley and the San Diego area. Our passion for the law is founded in a genuine desire to do what's right, to help good people and to protect our clients' interests. Contact us today to speak with our construction defect attorneys.

We provide more than 30 years of experience advocating for homeowners, real estate developers, builders, commercial landlords, property managers, asset managers, brokers and other real estate professionals.

Providing Real-World Solutions

Over the years, we have developed the legal resources to investigate property conditions, provide accurate assessments of the financial damages incurred in construction defects, and create a clear and attainable strategy for how these problems can be remedied under the law.

Our lawyers handle a wide range of construction defect issues, including those related to:

  • Nondisclosure of defects
  • Concrete slab defects
  • Roof defects
  • Window or door defects
  • Water intrusion and drainage defects
  • Fire damage
  • Soil movement, land subsidence, settlement and erosion
  • Negligence in remodels or repair work

Take Action With A Free Consultation

Learn more about how we can help you obtain a favorable result in construction defect litigation. We offer free initial consultations at our office, conveniently located in the Del Mar Heights/Carmel Valley area of San Diego, just off of Interstate 5 at Del Mar Heights Road.

We will respond promptly to your inquiries, keep you informed and help you make the most effective decisions possible. Contact us online or by telephone at 858-244-7106.