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Real estate investments in the Del Mar and San Diego area can be highly complex. The value of land throughout Southern California is ever increasing and can leave commercial property owners, investors and developers with many legal considerations. To best protect your investments and set yourself up for success, work with an experienced attorney who understands real estate from a business perspective.

Attorney Timothy Tatro has an acute understanding of the economic factors involved in business and real estate dealings. They effectively represent homeowners, real estate developers, builders, landlords, property managers, brokers, asset managers and other key stakeholders in real estate law and litigation issues, including:

Commercial Property Lawyers Standing With Good People For Good Causes

Our firm has built a reputation for excellence based on the notable results we have achieved. Our peers in the legal community recognize our unrelenting dedication to doing what is right, especially in cases where large entities have overstepped their boundaries, behaved unethically and otherwise jeopardized the financial or real estate interests of people who deserve better.

We always aim to provide our clients with the right solutions, rather than using a one-size-fits-all approach. We encourage open communication and use the latest technology advancements and legal resources to streamline our process.

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