A Strategic Approach To Business And Civil Litigation

The strength of any business or commercial enterprise is built on the foundation of strong legal counsel. When you are starting or operating a business, you need a firm grasp of the legal implications of your decisions, as well as how those decisions can influence your bottom line.

At Tatro & Lopez, LLP, our business law and civil litigation attorneys have more than just knowledge of the law. Attorney Timothy Tatro has a distinct understanding of business operation and their clients' industries. The attorneys counsel clients in complex dealings related to business startup, management, exit strategies and litigation, contracts, disputes and employment matters, always working directly with clients to build successful enterprises that grow and thrive for years. Clients also turn to our firm for representation in complex business and commercial litigation.

In addition to business litigation, we represent individuals in civil litigation matters such as civil writs and appeals, insurance coverage and bad faith disputes, and all types of contract matters. Please contact one of our California attorneys at our Del Mar Heights area office to learn more.

Litigation, Settlements And How To Help Your Business Thrive

Any legal dispute or lawsuit can be costly and interrupt your business's daily operational needs. The best way to prevent these issues is to assure that any agreements you enter into are thoroughly drafted and reviewed with great attention to detail by an experienced lawyer.

Still, even the best contracts and agreements can end up disputed, causing courtroom proceedings to arise. Our firm's talented trial attorneys streamline legal processes using the latest technology advancements and legal resources, ultimately providing cost-effective and efficient options for litigation and dispute resolution.

When appropriate, we encourage favorable settlement options, but we understand these are not always viable. We are prepared and skillful at trial, presenting clear, confident arguments against even the toughest opposition.

Outstanding Results From Distinguished Contract Litigation Lawyers

Whether your opponent is a former business partner or shareholder, a large entity, a law firm or a government agency, we can help. We have achieved notable results in a wide range of challenging cases and can provide you with the highest caliber quality representation.

Contact us online or by telephone at 858-244-7106. Our offices are conveniently located in the Del Mar Heights and Carmel Valley area of San Diego, just off of Interstate 5 at Del Mar Heights Road.